It Could Be Worse, or Better!

I hear people say it all the time. I mean, I say it all the time. I bet you do too! The famous phrase, “It could be worse”. “It” can be anything, your job, your spouse or lack thereof, your car, your house or a plethora of things. We seem to rehearse this when we find ourselves upset, frustrated and no longer content with whatever “it” is. Those words seem to give us perspective and keep self-pity in check. But, what if those words also held us prisoner? What if they are the chains that prevent us from striving for something better? Yes, it could always be worse but could it not also be better? I suggest instead of saying things could be worse that we start to think of ways we can strive to make things better. Frustrated with the relationship or marriage in? What can you do to make it better? In this economy it’s a blessing to be employed. I get that but if you’re unhappy do something about it. We should stop feeding our passions and dreams to the excuses that bind us to mediocre lives and lifestyles! Be grateful for what is good and right in your life. Remember those that are less fortunate than you but do yourself, the whole world and the Kingdom of Heaven (if you believe such things) a huge favor—live your purpose! Do the one thing or the 100 things you were born for! Not sure what that is? Try this to get you started. Or, maybe you can do a spiritual gifts test. Whatever you do, don’t continue to sleep on your dreams 🙂 Don’t let anything hinder you from experiencing a full life. Not even complacency that often disguises itself as gratitude in the famous, “it could be worse”.  Here’s to making it better!


On Living My Passions & Dreams!

So, I posted last week about why I was not celebrating 5 years of service my employer. After that, I really wanted to write about discovering and living our dreams and passions. I tried to get that post out all day and failed. Miserably! The words just wouldn’t come out the way I wanted them to. I had the ideas but the words were stuck as if my brain was filled with tacky glue! I decided I’d get back to it before this #bloglikecrazy challenge was over. So, here I am trying again.

I can’t get away from it. Everywhere I go, everything I read (ok, maybe not everything, but almost) is about using your gifts and talents. I read a blog and it’s about living your dreams so here’s what I think. I’ve got so many passions and so many dreams I don’t where to start! It felt really good to admit that J So, yeah. I’m a photographer and still learning to call myself a writer. I have a heart for my community, my people and people that struggle to get by every day. International missions is one of my first loves. In July 2009 I had the amazing privilege to travel to Cape Town, South Africa. I was there for a week and my sole purpose was to shower small children with love. I fell in love with one—Tandiswa. I’d bring her home with me today if I could!! When people that don’t know me see the picture she and I have together they ask if she’s my child 🙂 I’ve been researching my family tree and that has taken over my life! I love it! I stay up late to learn all I can. It’s such a joy. I’ve become the obnoxious kid that tells everyone they should be learning their family histories as well. I’d love to help people do that. I’ve taken on the role of accountability partner to a writer friend of mine to help ensure her books are written in a timely manner. We communicate once a week at least. In addition to helping her stay on track I’ve been doing research to help her find a publisher. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that as well and can imagine do that for a living. I’ll stop here but there’s more. I’m embarrassed. I mean is this normal? Maybe I’m a renaissance woman!

This is so important for me because I want to leave a legacy for my son and any other child(ren) I may have. When I’ve left this earth I want my accomplishments to speak for me for generations to come. Does that make me vain? If it does, oh well. I’ll be that. I am convinced I was created to do great things and live a life of greatness. So, what’s the hold-up?

What say you? What are your passions/dreams? How do you want to remembered??