Observations About Love/Relationships From My Past Experiences

I have to be true to myself. A man can’t truly love whom he doesn’t respect. The way I think and feel is part of what makes me who I am. Never again will I conform.

It’s ok, good, great even that we don’t always agree on things. Differences in opinions and experiences can add richness to any relationship.

Believe what men tell you about themselves.

No matter how much you love a man know that your love can’t change him. Only he and God can do that.

Slow down! Have a discerning heart. A great first month isn’t reason to start planning your life with him. Jill Scott says it best”…But it’s only been 2 weeks. He could be a snake in the grass. . .  waiting to spill his venom on my a**”

Don’t give up personal freedom for emotional bondage.

I ain’t your momma and won’t try to be. Neither are you my daddy. I don’t need another guardian. I need a partner, a companion.

Tell the truth even if it makes you cry.

There are some amazing men in the world and it’s safe to love them.

Baggage is a problem only when you want to hold on to it. A good man will help you heal.

I deserve extraordinary displays of appreciation and love.

Some people/relationships are worth fighting for. Do that! Put your pride and ego in your back pocket and sit on it.

Navigating human relationships is hard work. Navigating a love relationship is even more difficult. Be prepared to put in the work required for a successful relationship.

There are 2 people in a relationship. Sometimes 3: Him. Her. God. That’s it! You don’t owe your friends/family any explanations.

I deserve and am worthy of love & acceptance.

Get over the box and see what’s in it.

I can’t and won’t always please you. I understand that goes both ways.

Conflict resolution is priceless.

Know when it’s time to let go and do that.