How You Can Help Eradicate Poverty

What if the power to eliminate poverty rested in your hands and in the hands of your close friends and family? What if y’all could help a single family rise above poverty and attain economic independence and stability? On Tuesday millions of us will go to the polls and vote for whom we’d like to be the next president. Our current president would like to increase taxes on the people I refer to as excessively wealthy. His opponent is opposed to that idea. I don’t think either of these will help significantly decrease the number of Americans living in poverty. But, what if we as individuals in our respective communities came together to eradicate poverty one family at a time? Are we willing to use our gifts, finances and time to help those in need? Or will we remain apathetic and demand our local, state and national government provide for the needy? Could you sacrifice $30 a month for 6 months? Can you think of 10 other people that could do the same? Are you a business owner or a hiring manager that could employ one other person? Maybe, you can help tutor a GED candidate. If after a thorough screening process would you be willing to use your good name to advance someone else’s career?

We all have something we can offer to enrich someone else’s life. If we can see past our own selves, stop trying to live above our means and maybe even learn to live below our means we can collectively make one heck of a difference.  What do you think? Leave a comment below. I’d love to know what you all have to say about this. Thanks for reading!


6 responses to “How You Can Help Eradicate Poverty

    • I agree. And what I really love is that there’s no cookie cutter way to make a difference. There are so many needs in the world and just as many creative ways to meet those needs! Thanks for reading T.K. and thanks for commenting as well 🙂

  1. Great post! I have a bad habit of feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have money to buy a house or go on international vacations like my friends, but reading things like these make me put things in perspective and be thankful for what I do have and consider how I can help those who have so much less. I needed this wake-up call.

    • Thanks Javacia! Self pity gets throws a log in all our eyes at some point in life. Things aren’t great for me by any stretch of the imagination but I have to remember that things could be worse.

  2. This is often a topic of discussion at our house- I’m a former social worker- I don’t have an easy answer for poverty, however I know I can improve one life at a time and that’s good enough for me.

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