Love: The First Year

One year ago today after a little less than 12 hours of labor I laid eyes on Benyamin Adeal Nehemiah Porter. I remember. . .. I woke up, placed my feet on the cold, tile floor and my water broke. I remember thinking I’d peed my pants. Life had already changed so much because of the pregnancy. But now, now the real work would begin starting with the pain of labor contractions. I wasn’t scared. Although, up until that point I had been TERRIFIED of being in labor and giving birth with no pain medicine!! But that day, fear was gone. I was ready, ready to give to the world what had been given to me—a son. I was ready for Brian to see him, hold him and love him more than either of them could ever imagine. Yep, I was ready to get the show on the road and hold the child that captured my heart long before I ever saw him or felt him move. I’d stare at my belly swollen with life. I’d stare and be amazed that my body was working 24 hours to create a brand new, tiny human being with fully functioning parts. I was thoroughly amazed. Amazed that I had been chosen to give birth and be a steward over this single life that would soon impact this world by sheer virtue of the fact that he exists. I remember…Love!!!


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