6 Word Stories

What up good people. So, I’m taking a break from being so introspective..I need to lighten up a bit. Well, I follow a blog for writers, thewritepractice.com  The other day someone introduced me to the idea of 6 word stories. I loved it. These can be so fun to write. Anyway, my stories are below. Enjoy!! Feel free to add your own or leave a comment in the comments box!


“ 3:34 A.M.”

No show. No call. Worried sick!


She cried. His hug healed her.


He finally called. She answered. Relief.


Get a switch off that tree!!

“Stand Your Ground”

He hit her. Gun fired. End.


She fell. He fell. They Married.

“My choice”

Legitimate rape led to illegitimate child. Abortion?


Belt grabbed . . . didn’t I say no!


Lifetime of accomplishments ends in suicide.

“Rep. Akin”

Am I broken? Got raped. . .pregnant.


September 06, 2011 life changed forever—birthed Benyamin.

“Black in 2012”

You shouldn’t be allowed to vote.


5 responses to “6 Word Stories

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  2. These are awesome! I was intrigued when you initially accepted the challenge. Each of the poems are thoughtful,engaging, and provoke emotion. Trouble” made me laugh! “3:34 AM” I felt like I was right there with you worried and relieved with the next one. I enjoyed them all.

    She realized love was always hers. 

    Missed….her legacy alive through me.

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